Kyle Morton - What Will Destroy You

by Kyle Morton

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The debut solo album by Typhoon frontman Kyle Morton available everywhere now and on vinyl via Bug Hunt.


released September 20, 2016

Recorded and Mixed by:
Paul Laxer and Kyle Morton

Mastered by:
Andy Gonsalves at Telegraph Mastering

Written and Performed by:
Kyle Morton
Gestalt cowritten by Casey O'Brien

Photography by:
Matthew Thomas Ross

For D.S.


all rights reserved



TYPHOON Portland, Oregon

Typhoon is a band from Portland, OR.

Members: Kyle Morton, Toby Tanabe, Dave Hall, Pieter Hilton, Alex Fitch, Tyler Ferrin, Devin Gallagher, Shannon Steele

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Track Name: Poor Bastard
I awoke inside a coffin
Being lowered into the ground
On a clear winter morning
There were mourners gathered round
I could see them though the lid was closed
I couldn't tell you how
A couple unexpected lovers
In a less-than-hoped-for turnout
As a stranger read my eulogy aloud

He suffered long, he's finally gone
If one thing must be said...
But he left the sentence hanging
I was done with being dead
I leapt up from the casket
Looking like Dracula's Revenge
It came off pretty gauche I guess
But what's a joke between your friends?

I said I'm feeling so much better now
I want to thank you all for coming out
Though premature, it truly means the world
Then I started laughing, they started leaving
And in that moment I believed in
karma, and in my mouth the mantra formed

It will come back eventually
You will be reborn
Track Name: Innuendos
You changed out of me
As one would change to a new pair of shoes
And I see the fashions changing with the seasons
And no, love is not immune
With a hat in my hand I'm standing naked
Show what little you will lose
But there are no hard feelings
I'm outgrowing
my own style too

There are birds in the front yard
Feed them breadcrumbs from my bathrobe
In the morning
I stand admiring the colors
How is it you get to keep
What you are born in?
But of course that's just your nature
As it's mine to cover up my points of origin
But there are no hard feelings
Fly away
I resign myself to the pavement

The only thing concealed
Is that there's nothing to conceal
It's the bluff that structures everything
You were sleeping behind the wheel
But if you want to strip it down
Want to pare that apple peel
You'll find you wanted some love
And just a measure of


I am driving when out of nowhere
A madman nearly separates me from all my sorrows
And in that moment I could have murdered
Had a gun availed itself in my lapse of morals
But then he pulls up to me and says
I am sorry, man, that was altogether my fault
I stop. I say there are no hard feelings, of course
Only soft ones - likely gone by tomorrow
Track Name: Survivalist Fantasy
The traffic lights are out and all the phones are dead
Don't answer the door for anyone
Before we lost the power think the television said
Stay inside your homes wait for help to come
That must have been weeks ago
Now I've got this sinking feeling
You and I are the only ones

Now I'm the last man standing
you are woman's paragon
The garden's ours now we're competitionless
But suppose a third party's necessary
Just to get it on
That the rituals of love demand an audience
I went I found some mannequins
Set 'em up lining the bedroom
The safe words: eyes to God

My love come and lie down with me.

The world was ripe
The world was crowded
In its compound eye
We felt expansive
In the knowledge
we had our whole lives
Yeah we had options
Now our love
While not enough
It's all there is

The truth settled down like a euthanized pet
It's over there's no need to repopulate
Inscribed in our eyes was the grim epithet
Lovers without leverage, we sealed our fate
But there's a chance we can still be saved
I cooked up some medicine, darling,
Just drink until there's nothing left

My love come and lie down with me
Track Name: The Aftermath
I had you on my mind
In visions more refined
The further back in time

Some friend of friend's estate
Home for the holidays
The smell of conifer and mulled wine

Seducer's calculus
I feigned an accident
Reached out and grazed your neck

My god it's been so long
I see you're moving on
You're right, we're not dead yet

We find an empty room
More catching up to do
And what is one more regret

When I ask you what you want you flash a guarded look
You taunt me with your eyes
As you parse over the aftermath
But in times like these my silver tongue
Returns to me undying love I pine
Until you give it up
And turn out the light

Then the morning takes
The love away
Leaving only ashtrays
and broken bottles

How I long to shake
My own shoulder blades
When I rise before you wake
To avoid the trouble

And when I leave you will owe me nothing

When I leave it will all mean nothing
Track Name: Gestalt of Original Pain
It's hard to maintain
A simple thought through the day
Every voice its own planet
And my mind tends to gravitate
I am pushed I am pulled into every which way
Oh life is the great
Is the great
Is the greatest

I was sleeping fitfully
Troubled by a disjointed dream
One in which my past was a house
All my failure were books to read
I awoke to my cellphone convulsing
your name across the crystal screen
Oh life does the strange
Does the strange
Does the strangest things

You were sounding okay
Mistaken for the clinically insane
Saying a man down in Texas
Was just waiting to communicate
That I ought to open my mind to his wisdom
And let it radiate
Oh let it wash over me
Let it sing
Let it say

Give yourself a million years to wake up in the morning
And give yourself a million more then if you're still tired
There is nothing
There is nothing
There is nothing but time
We are not sick you and I
Don't you listen to lies

It's hard to explain
But all the forms are contained
When you scratch out the faces and names
In your memory
Close your eyes against the light
Still the pattern remains
It remains in its place
Like an obstinate stain
Gestalt of original pain
Track Name: Automatic
It's your cake you decide when to have it
In this life it takes all kinds of nasty habits

If I were you, if I were you
and circumstances rearranged I would do
Almost anything to shake free, get loose
But it's automatic

Eyes of glass and a mind tuned to static
Every once in awhile I see a light flicker in the attic

It's my head, It's my head
Breaking itself to make a thought but instead
Just some pornographic images to stave off my death
It's all automatic
Track Name: Water Torture
Got that catatonic feeling
And I'm drooling on the TV
Every now and then I think
How long have you been gone
And where's those groceries?

I'll be discovered by explorers
My body fossilized in torpor
And all the while
my thoughts repeat like
Chinese water torture

When you are gone I tend to ramble on for days
It doesn't mean, it just helps me to keep my place

Time itself is flattened
You come back it never happened
Except that now
Old man replaced your lover
All featureless and fattened

In disbelief at your misfortune you say
Hell I was only gone the weekend
And then I burst to flames
You see I've lived entire lives
In a single a moment

When you are gone the lights go off and on all night
The neighbors talk while I stand listless in my socks
Until I disappear from sight

Got that cataclysmic feeling
Babies crawling on the ceiling
And now I think
Maybe we should start a family
Track Name: Perverse Fascination
If I couldn't have your heart
I would have your body
But each time I possessed you in the dark
I possessed nothing

Your eyes are prison gates
Keeping me in this old house
But if I tried to go you wouldn not hesitate
I'm sure you would let me out

In certain moments I see through everything
You're a bore, we all know it
Everyone has noticed that puppet string
Still need someone to pull it

Now you are carving their names into your mattress
In an imitation of some obscure actress
And I don't know why you keep me around
But I'm easy

Target practice

In the thralls of your indifference
I remain at my station
All my life I've had this unhealthy sense
Perverse fascination
Track Name: What Will Save You
I won't lift you up
And I won't drag you down
I'll be quiet as a mouse in church
No you won't hear a sound
I know it's been heavy
I know you carry a real haul
But I'm lighter than nothing now
In fact, I barely exist at all

Not since I've given it up
I can't take any credit
And I might live to regret it
But now it's done

You ask me: are you ready?
I say it has to be now
We have take ourselves this long
Just wearing each other out
I used to want disciples
Watch them drinketh from my cup
I used to want a fancy funeral
But now I'm just a sucker for your love

All the rest I have given it up
As much as it is tempting
Consume until I'm empty
Enough is enough
Track Name: My Little Darlin Knows My Nature
My little darlin knows my nature
My little darlin knows my mind
She has sheltered me from it all the time

For left alone to my own devices
I will tear at the carpet I'll chew the blinds
A more feral specimen you won't find

But every year I am getting older
And I lose my good-looks, lose my charms
All I used to lure you into my arms

Who could blame you being cynical
You're right the world it is a crypt
It's pitiless and cold
And though I remain skeptical
That you still love me
May be the only miracle

I never learned to trust a love song
It was not because the words were trite
But I felt the love itself was trite

Now my little darlin I'll sing you a love song
One you can hang your hat on every night
I will be your witness if you be mine
I will be your witness if you be mine
I will be your witness if you be my wife