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Underground Complex No. 1


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Adam Bates
Adam Bates thumbnail
Adam Bates The emotionality of the bandleader’s voice gives me chills, then the melodies move me to my feet, finally the instrumentation sways my slender frame deeply. Favorite track: Mind of God.
mopbucket thumbnail
mopbucket Up Again is just incredible; worth the price alone. An astounding and provocative release by a talented group of musicians. I have to commend Jordan's addition to the Typhoon ensemble as well! ;) Favorite track: Up Again.
claireboy thumbnail
claireboy You know that feeling when you finish the first installment of an amazing series and you're left waiting for more? I've never felt that with an album until now. They aced the musical cliffhanger and I can't get enough Favorite track: No One Will Dance.
mvolt thumbnail
mvolt Been a fan of Typhoon for like 5 years now and hearing their sound evolve so much is amazing... this record is great and I can't wait for more Favorite track: No One Will Dance.
transfixed81 thumbnail
transfixed81 The most energetic and interesting listen in quite a while from Typhoon. Loving this EP! Favorite track: Up Again.
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Confessor 03:18
Okay I confess Where do I begin? My heart is drenched in blood, I’m almost ready to be born again I don’t believe in kid stuff. No dirty tricks But I’ll try anything once It’s all that I do All my little sins Gather to me now When I hold you in the light you’re really nothing to go on about Minor indiscretions. I could run my mouth I never hurt anyone Though I tried to I know there’s no forgiveness but punish me until I can’t tell the difference One’s telling a lie One’s telling the truth You’d better leave a mark, a souvenir so I’ll remember you And when I cry out for mercy, won’t you sing in tune? The only song I know Now it belongs to you
Here’s the empty lot from when we were kids Looking nothing like I remember it But time is cruel, always playing tricks And so were we Bunch of little boys scratching in the dirt Like the lord of the flies moved to the suburbs Playing hide and seek everybody scatters To the count of thirty Any minute now they will find me But they left me out there, guess they thought it’d be funny Felt the dusk creep in with the consciousness They will turn on you and you’ll never see it coming I thought I’ll show them, with a matchbook I went and burned down the field Trying to fake my own death 
I will start a fire no one will get warm to Back at the empty lot, now a bottomless pit With a barbed wire fence courtesy the government But I learned a lot from the incident Like how to carry yourself Like you are holding a hostage How to sing a song that no one will dance to A door opened up Between below and above And there I was staring back at me Here you thought you could be one of them You thought that you’d join the crowd Hate to be the one to break it to you 
I will try to let you down easy Easy now 
Anything you want I am in the way I’m never gonna let you win You can thrash about and curse my name I say keep it coming And just when you thought you’d shake me off I just claw my way back in And it starts again
New Wife 02:48
It’s a long time since you heard from me Fell off the face of the earth And I couldn’t stick the landing I think the last time, our anniversary At the liquor store You pretended not to see me Anyway I’ve got a new wife and she is good to me Runs her hands through my hair Makes the coffee in the morning Yeah I think my new life is shaping up for me There’s only this one thing Tell me you want me To die in a farming accident So you can pretend you don’t care That’s you all over isn’t it? Yeah sure I will leave you alone Just tell me that you never miss this I hear you’ve got a new friend Whom I’d like to meet Do you keep him under your thumb? Yeah I heard he dresses like me Oh my god it’s such a long life Glad I lived to see How I look to a stranger Tell me you want me to jump off Oh nevermind I hope you’re happy baby I’ll never call you again The ouroboros made me It’s always starting where it ends But if you like this you should see me making amends
Untitled 1 00:42
Like to welcome you to the underground Just make yourself at home 
 But careful on the staircase now We don’t know where it goes Once saw a boy fall in and we still hear him Howling from below That was years ago Hear how much he’s grown
Mind of God 03:53
I stew awhile in my thoughts Stir my drink with my straw Read the room I am not so different I only want what everyone wants To be admired, recognized in restaurants Pick a fight, any fight And come out on top How do you like me now? How do you like me now That I am making moves? Looking up to get a load Of this asshole drinking alone I hear him say how we’re all Just a synapse in the mind of God I say you’re close but no cigar I will tell you what we are A single turd in satan’s entrails We’ll all float on alright And here I’d found my easy target Draw me a picture of where your god lives I’ll dig a gravesite in your garden To bury you I will bury you How do you like me now? How do you like me now That I have made my move? And I guess I made a scene Because the chatter died And the whole room is looking at me I take my coat there’s nothing here to see I can’t help myself I just get carried away I can’t hide myself when the blood moves to my face Life’s a joke that I tell getting older everyday Like a wedding cake left out It will all just go It all just goes to waste
There’s no water to weep But I’ll keep my head bowed religiously As I stare directly into my future Not looking pretty You want proof? I’ll do anything. If it’s the truth I will tell it incidentally But I need you to know I don’t need you Why don’t you believe me? Hmm For this last one I’m gonna need Volunteers if you please Watch me closely as I turn something Back to nothing Que sera, c’est la vie I tried living it was not for me But I wish I could be there to see how you take the news I am giving up the world and then I’m ready to dance __ I take it back I wasn’t ready yet But if I was stronger If I was stronger If I was stronger If I was stronger If I was stronger I might be dangerous
Untitled 2 00:51
Okay that’s all there is Don’t think too harshly of me I have been unwell I was just looking for the remedy But nothing ever ends here There’s no relief And you’re useless to me now You’ve caught the same thing
Up Again 04:18
Here you thought you’d put the past behind you Why does it all keep coming up again? Doubled over in the bathroom crying Why does it all keep coming up again? Like a tourist coming home everything how you left it And you thought you’d put the past behind you Why does it all keep coming up again? Toss and turn until the nightmare finds you Why does it always wake you up again? You stumble out of bed reaching for your medicine Yeah you thought you’d put the past behind you Why does it all keep coming up again? Out your window see the graveyard rising It’s alive - they’re all just coming up again Oh god now they’re heading this way It’s the dark night of the living dead And you’re losing your head You go for your phone As the sleeping pills start kicking in And the room starts to spin You think to yourself This isn’t how it’s supposed to happen But you got what wanted Yeah they all want you now The pale faces looking in And this where we leave you It won’t come up again.


released April 15, 2022

Kyle Morton - vocals / guitars / keys
Shannon Steele - violin / vocals
Alex Fitch - drums
Toby Tanabe - bass
Dave Hall - guitar
Jordan Vale - trumpet
Eric Stipe - trumpet
Devin Gallagher - Kalimba

Written by Kyle Morton
Performed by Typhoon
Mixed by Jeff Stuart Salzman
Produced by Kyle Morton
Production help from Jeff Stuart Saltzman and Tyler Ferrin
Mastered by Adam Gonsalves

Album art by Zachary Schomburg
Photographed by Max Stein
Photo support from Raeanne Rose
Album layout by Nicoll Bien and Kyle Morton

Special thanks to Danielle Sullivan, Darren Bridenbeck, Zachary Schomburg, Jeff Saltzman, Adam Gonsalves, Tyler Ferrin, Matthew Thomas Ross, Ben Morton, Raeanna Rose, Bryan Weller, Rider Strong, Alex Barreto, Rob Abelow, Nicoll Bien, Erik Selz, Jordan Bagnall, Pieter Hilton, Jen Hufnagel, Ryan McAlpin, Nora Zimmerly, Paul Laxer, Ethan Pierce, Katie Found, Liz Mehl, Fergus Kinnell, and all our friends and family.


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TYPHOON Portland, Oregon

Typhoon is a band from Portland, OR.

Members: Kyle Morton, Toby Tanabe, Dave Hall, Pieter Hilton, Alex Fitch, Tyler Ferrin, Devin Gallagher, Shannon Steele


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