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Sympathetic Magic


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If you try you can remember how to get there Don’t be surprised with how the light has changed Landmarks rearranged you could be anywhere But you know what to look for The house is hiding out among the other ones Garden overgrown windows boarded closed It’s not convincing anyone You know you have been here before You're standing on the porch You’re a child watching her mother Hover over an electric stove In the warmth and from this angle You feel it click into place like a key in the door That in a million years this moment However unremarkable It will never be repeated And that’s the closest you came To being able to explain That you do somehow exist
The apocalypse is incoming Only moving slow and unevenly The empire builder returning east Like the rising blade of the guillotine North Dakota metastasizing The oil shales and the entropy And the waves of darkness fold over me As the dying sun goes down The dining car in my assigned seat My neighbor’s conversation is turning ugly A labyrinth of conspiracies Proving he is good and he’s got enemies. Tiny points of light I see haphazardly Scattered in the void like so much bird feed And I hope it’s enough An empty hallway a phone ringing It goes on forever no one’s answering Concept of god ever slippery Are you outside of time? Are you in everything? I’ll find the sacred buried in me And I will cut it out while everyone is watching It will not be enough I know you’re feeling Like you’re overmatched Like the world’s against you Like the deck is stacked But don’t get started You’re smarter than that You and I know we both know that Everybody’s angry Everybody’s lonely Maybe it’s hopeless And maybe love is not enough But let’s not rule out the possibility
Told you you could call me Anytime you want It's not as if I've got anything going on I’m just hanging in the shadows Between the motion and the thought Where there's no telling what is real and what is not Always nervous in my habits Always glancing at my watch Yet somehow I didn't notice the time had stopped I had a dream I meant to tell you No surprise that I forgot I even wrote it down but the page got lost You were in it you were older though I was just a tiny rock that you held in the palm of your hand I was lightness there just a passing thought Now everything's drifting Ashes scattered on the pond Fool that I am I just keep holding on
Santos 00:29
I remember you best Little boy scared to death Swallowed up in the armchair Blood pouring from your chest Into the washing machine How it made your blood clean And put it all back in your tiny body
We're In It 04:36
Well I hoped I’d recognize your face I got there early found a parking space And sat in my car like I was casing the place I thought it’s not too late I could cut you loose I could go home now offer some excuse Then the door opened and there was no mistaking you You said come in Take your shoes off And come in Poured the drinks exchanged prerequisites I am good you said but the world is shit So what we’re old men now? Then I laughed no you’re right it is This time well it really is Yeah we let it get away you said Like the falconer from the poem you read I just shook my head feels like waiting around For the Second Coming Except nobody’s coming And the talk turned over to life before To the kindness of strangers and their kitchen floors How the pain grows sweet and the blood dries burnt orange The green rooms and the tortilla chips All the couches caked in ejaculate How I cringed when you said At least someone is getting it Coming At the same time coming The drinks grew low and your eyes grew dim Like curtain was pulled so no light gets in You said I’m fine alone but It’s good to see you man I feel cut off from all I have been But am I the stump or am I the limb? I was eyeing the door and you noticed it I said I have to be running Late for dinner or something And you thanked me for coming The next I saw you was a hospital bed With a gunshot wound nurses shaved your head You were lucky maybe maybe the opposite I was awkward and you were a wreck You were muttering something underneath your breath And then I lost my cool called you an idiot You said I was such a hypocrite Someone had to die before I gave a shit I said you’re right but still If I’m in it you’re in it And the tears started coming And they wouldn’t stop coming Cleansing all our resentments As if we could go on living Don’t ever wonder why Everybody wants to die from time to time It’s better not to ask Don’t shake the nest don’t speak the lie Because it’s always been agreed Through some ancient alchemy That the public secret It secretes that life is worth living And it has to be
Two Birds 03:02
Twin birds drawing closer in space Collide inside the windowpane Feathers on the glass Wings beaten one bird remains It comes apart become the part you play What happens then when the character gets killed on the stage? Do you die two deaths? Do you start bleeding off the page? Bird in my hand in the mirror I am estranged Just sit and watch while the metaphors copulate And it feels different And it feels the same Out of the game It feels different Really feel the pain Out of the game
Evil Vibes 02:46
It’s been unreal the way I’m living Purely by accident Tossed between cataclysms Say it I know that I’ve been slipping Everything piling up Sink full of dirty dishes I had the dream again I had killed someone I knew you’d forgive me But I didn’t want to wake you up And so I held my breath and listened To my own beating heart Fucking time bomb ticking And fantasized about the next life Come back as a rocking chair Just want to hold you in the rhythm Demons between me and my slumber I’m swinging at point blank They keep coming back with numbers I lie still impersonate the furniture Figure eights on a skating rink Sharks circling under In the stillness In the moonlight In the forest The blood gleams on the prey In the stillness Something’s not right Evil vibrations It cannot be contained Split the atom Flash of bright light In an instant The shadows take our place Now it comes to it but I forget what I wanted to say
Paint dries on the doorframe Skin crawls through the pores You'd have hated what they've done with the place But then you don't live here anymore See you darkly down the hallway You're sleepwalking you won't wait You were always one for dreaming In the end you couldn't stand being awake And so what if you were right And it's too late to make a change You didn't even try While you despair the morning I will try to lift our spirits higher There's a piano in the lobby And it's don't play with me you're playing with fire And so what if you were wrong That nothing ever changed Anyone would tell you That I'm a little sadder now you're gone
Time, Time 02:56
Time o intangible time Moving through everything Leave me behind Always changing the tempo You keep cutting in line While the clock hands spin around like pinwheels The present dangling high on the vine It takes a whole lifetime simply to arrive Now I’m scared just to turn around Afraid that I’ll find that the killer is right behind me Time o unfaltering time You’re as thin as a shadow As a persimmon rind But who’s clinging to whom? I waited up all night You know where you can find me I was an infant then I doubled in size A Russian doll former selves nesting inside At the center is nothing or a black hole resides No light can be seen escaping Time o unanswerable time Yeah you’ve seen the future You know the way that I die But don’t tell me I’d rather it be a surprise When you come crashing the party Time inexorable time You were moving in circles I was drawing a line You inhabit my body For as long as you like We both know you’re leaving here without me
Walk into the water I can feel it getting cold Waiting for the tide that’s gonna make me whole Now I can’t reach the bottom I wanna lose control Everything I’m holding in I let it go Freight ship in the distance Speak to me in code SOS I guess I’m ready to go home It can’t be undone it can’t be reversed Tracing the line written by my mother And the past keeps rippling outwards I wish that I had been there When you got the call One moment to the next and they were gone Anything you needed Anything at all In the room within the room I will be with you
You deserve to die You deserve painful burning needles in your eyes And every clever punishment in your cunning you devise Hold back nothing You deserve to die The clock tower is ticking and you are running out of time To atone for being born let alone your whole miserable life You’d better hurry Don’t be angry Don’t raise your hand like Cain You should be sorry for me baby Everything that I have coming It’s been with me all the time At the masochist ball The tribunal has spoken and it’s been found it’s all your fault And like that severed the tension that could never be resolved It’s a god-damned miracle It's beauty is terrible I’ll skip the last meal I can’t taste it anyway You should feel sorry for me baby Everything that I had coming I’ve already fantasized When I get too comfortable I just start imagining a world where Everybody wants me Then I'm imagining a world where Everybody hates me And I just try to split the line I know I said I would be Caesar Or else I would be nothing But I will settle for being right
Welcome to the endgame Final move's already been made Now we're finding out the hard way there's not a savior left in sight America I'm inside you Kicking screaming at your sinews It's so easy to blame you But the guilt’s as good as mine Plague on both your houses Money where your mouth is Burning down the straw man With a real one inside Feeling pretty weak now give me a minute I'm gonna lie down then back in the streets we're meeting downtown I've got a candle there to light I've been afraid to call you Been afraid it'll hurt you to say I'm sorry and I love you You were always on my mind Summer's done had a good one Now the season of the witch-hunt Here we go into the cauldron I'll see you on the other side


Typhoon’s fifth studio album Sympathetic Magic is out now on all digital streaming platforms and available to pre-order below as Maroon-in-Yellow LP (ltd. to 500), Classic Black LP, CD, as well as in limited-edition bundles.


My Dear Friend,

I hope you’re holding up. What a mess!

Small news in the big scheme, but we finished a record and I wanted to share it with you. I wrote all these songs while puttering around the house these past several months, because, what else was I going to do? The songs are about people - the space between them and the ordinary, miraculous things that happen there, as we come into contact, imitate each other, leave our marks, lose touch. Being self and other somehow amounting to the same thing.

Recording had to be adapted to the plague-times. I tracked the demos first and sent them out to the band. Then the improvised procession of friends dropping by my basement, one at a time, masks on. Other folks recorded their parts in their own homes with cell phone voice memos or GarageBand in the laundry room. Parts from the original demos remain intact. Like everything right now, it was all a little disjointed, but I think it came together in the end.

The record is called Sympathetic Magic and it’s a great joy to share it with you. To be honest, it’s a joy to share anything at all in these isolating times.


kyle / typhoon


released January 22, 2021

All songs written by Kyle Morton
Performed by Typhoon
Mixed by Jeff Stuart Saltzman
Mastered by Adam Gonsalves


all rights reserved



TYPHOON Portland, Oregon

Typhoon is a band from Portland, OR.

Members: Kyle Morton, Toby Tanabe, Dave Hall, Pieter Hilton, Alex Fitch, Tyler Ferrin, Devin Gallagher, Shannon Steele


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